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Isochrone All about the isochrone calculation feature Public Transit All about the public transit feature Map Matching Discuss all problems and ideas regarding the GraphHopper map matching component Mobile GraphHopper is able to calculate routes directly on a mobile device like Android and iOS, where GraphHopper runs without modification on Android and a separate iOS port exists. As blackberry runs Android apps it'll work there too.
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About the Open Source Routing Engine category 1 August 26, 2015
Can graphhopper be used to suggest a walking route based on a start point and a distance? 1 February 29, 2020
Osm way vs graphhopper edge direction 2 February 28, 2020
Is it possible to use mixed two profiles at the same time in one route by Routing API? 3 February 28, 2020
Future of "offline" routing 1 February 28, 2020
How to get traffic light information 1 February 27, 2020
SOLVED Encoders are requesting 34 bits, more than 32 bits of edge flags. (Attempt to add EncodedValue bike-waytype) Decrease the number of vehicles or increase the flags to more bytes via graph.bytes_for_flags 1 February 26, 2020
How to get the road type of each road segment travelled after map-matching 1 February 26, 2020
Is it possible to route in batch? 1 February 26, 2020
Correct way to enable landmark algorithm 25 February 26, 2020
What is a right method to use Map Matching? 1 February 26, 2020
Direction、Speed、Accuracy of GPS Point aren't used in Map Matching Project 1 February 26, 2020
Encoding does not match 3 February 25, 2020
The Performance of Map Matching's doWork method is a little low。 11 February 25, 2020
Issue routing offline - [Connection between locations not found] 2 February 24, 2020
Error when trying to run Graphhopper for the first time 2 February 24, 2020
Cannot make the Public transport example working 6 February 21, 2020
Import an existing graph 7 February 20, 2020
Way ID's in server response 1 February 20, 2020
Assign my own vehicles speed to map and use it as a traffic data 1 February 19, 2020
POST request to locally hosted GraphHopper instance 7 February 18, 2020
Incorrect routing on tertiary road with shared cycle lanes 3 February 17, 2020
Map-Matching OSM-ID output 2 February 19, 2016
Can someone make a video tutorial of how to create & customize a routing profile (or walk through the process in much greater written detail) 4 February 13, 2020
Strange Routemapping bike 3 February 12, 2020
Minimise total ascend only, regardless of distance 1 February 11, 2020
Location index was opened with incorrect graph 3 February 11, 2020
GTFS Navitia data for Graphhopper : issue in France 1 February 11, 2020 won't take graph.flag_encoders=car,foot 7 February 11, 2020
Route for my news paper distribution route? 1 February 10, 2020
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