Individual waypoint connections


How to find waypoint to waypoint connecting points in route API.
In OSRM I will be able to find in legs.steps.geometry
How can I find the equivalent in Graphhopper?
Thanks in Advance

The points are in paths->points: Documentation - GraphHopper Directions API They are encoded by default, so you either need some client code to decode them or use points_encoded=false: Documentation - GraphHopper Directions API

@easbar thanks for your reply yes I got that points but I need waypoint to waypoint connection for example I have 5 waypoints I need points in between 3 & 4

You can use details: [leg_distance] (for a POST request). You will then get something like this in response.details:

        "leg_distance": [

This tells you that the first part of the road (to the first way point) uses points 0 to 32 and the second uses points 32 to 41.

This is also explained in this blog post: Leg-based information - GraphHopper Directions API

@easbar thank you