Map Matching API - "raw" snapping


We are currently using the GraphHopper API on a self-hosted server with version 8 (latest stable) of GraphHopper.

We use the Map Matching API to clean up the GPS tracks for various outdoor activities (pedestrians, bicycles, mountain bikes, as well as motorized vehicles) to snap them onto the roads/trails from OpenStreetMap.

Currently, the Map Matching API requires providing a profile (for example, “foot” or “bike”), which causes alterations to the followed route, such as avoiding paths unsuitable for the selected activity or avoiding paths marked as private / no access / one-way in the OpenStreetMap database.

In our application, we need to respect the user’s chosen route as closely as possible. In this context, is it possible to request the Map Matching API to perform a snapping as “raw” as possible so that the snapped route follows the original route as closely as possible (assuming of course that the roads / paths it uses exist in the OpenStreetMap database)?

We have seen that the “roads” profile seems suitable for this use. Would you recommend using this profile, or do you have other recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards.

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