Manipulate output without changing graph?

I’ve been trying to mess around with simulating traffic. However, with the amount of request that I’m sending, locking/reading the graph just isn’t going to be feasible.

let’s say if I set peak hour to 9AM-10AM and I want all request during this time to have their speed reduced by 20%, where would be the best place to add this modifier?

You could either use a flexible routing algorithm like landmarks and add the speed modification to the request custom models during the peak hours, or you just prepare a separate profile that you can use during the peak hours.

Thanks for the help!

So I’m leaning towards the latter solution.

a simple example would be

  1. create 24 custom models (for each hour)
  2. When I send in requests from my external code/script, I can specify the custom models I want to use for that particular timestamp of the request.

is my understanding of your suggestion correct?

Yes, you would create 24 profiles with a different custom model for each. Then you can choose the custom model name by specifying the profile for your routing requests. The only downside might be the memory requirements for so many profiles. You might get away with a few less since the traffic conditions do not really change during the night etc.