Avoid dangerous turning on main roads

Dear Team of Graphhopper,

I saw a couple of examples where the routing provides very dangerous turns on main roads. One example, retrieved using the the online version of Graphhopper Maps and the roudting mode “car” is this one:
Start: 42.018305,2.030378
Destination: 42.015831,2.033088

Here the routing propose a sharp left maneuver on a road where I do not expect such a maneuver be possible. I imagine the problem is the connection of the two road segments on the same node that is interpreted as an intersection where turning is possible.

I am not sure if this is a bug or simply an option that we can avoid using a different combinations of parameters.

If it can be helpful I can also provide you similar examples where such a behaviour happens.

Thanks in advance for a reply.

Best regards,


Another example:
Start: 42.271551,2.987067
Destination: 42.267439,2.994084

I checked your examples and in both cases OSM is missing the appropriate restriction relations. If they existed GraphHopper would already deny these turns. I’ll fix OSM for the two cases, but I’m afraid there are a more such cases.