Welcome to the GraphHopper community

This public GraphHopper forum is the right place to ask questions about the GraphHopper routing engine, jsprit and the GraphHopper Directions API. Do not use the issue tracker at Github for questions, just ask them here in the forum :slight_smile: .

Below you get some tips on how to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

You cannot do mistakes when you create questions here

Just be friendly when you do. If you post under the wrong category or post a duplicate, this is no problem and someone will tell you in a friendly manner what to do. If it is not friendly, please tell us! Also it is better to create a new topic instead of adding your comments under an older and potentially unrelated topic.

Do a bit up-front work

To increase the chance of getting an answer try to be as detailed as possible: include version numbers, logs, screenshots, links to GraphHopper Maps and a list with steps you already did. As a last step formulate your question as simple and clear as possible. A good question solves half of the problem. Donโ€™t expect people will invest time in your problems if you donโ€™t seem to invest in your question.

Additionally before you post a question you can search the forum or the issues at Github. This will make the process to solve your problem definitely faster as it is unlikely that you had the question as the first one. But once again: if you are unsure just post your question here!

Be patient

Once you posted a new topic donโ€™t beg for solutions after a few days. Please note that responses can take time as volunteers are often doing this in their freetime and after all this is a free service :slight_smile:! Waiting one week is okay as there can be many issues at times. Code reviews for pull request can take even longer. If still no one responded after a week improve your question and post a new comment that you improved it. Also including single persons via โ€œ@โ€ should be the exceptions.

Give us feedback

Our aim is to improve the experience in and for the community. Do not hesitate to let us know here as a comment or via private message to me on how we can improve the experience for everyone in this community or if you think a certain part of our current handling is not welcoming.

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