Using jsprit To Route On Maps

I am interested in using the jsprit algorithms to route on actual maps. My goal is to interface the jsprit capability with NASA World Wind and it’s OSM data. I am not sure how to begin however. How does one use the optimization algorithms on actual maps?

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You need a least cost path router such as GraphHopper to calculate transport times and distances. These times and distances can then be fed into jsprit and jsprit can solve the vehicle routing problem.

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Ok…so I have downloaded both graphhopper and jsprit and have them in Eclipse…now how do I create and solve a VRP? I can’t seem to find any information on how to do this.

Hi sheepdontalk,
have you solved VPR with graphhopper and jsprit?
I’m also interested in presenting jsprit results on open street maps…

GraphHopper automatically solves the VRP… install it and check here.

The OS project GraphHopper does not solve vehicle routing problems (VRP) but least cost path or shortest path problems. These problems are entirely different.

thanks sheepdontalk…how do you feed jsprit with those graphhopper routing results (distances and transport times)?

Use this and set it here.

Thanks Stefan, I will try that…