Set TSP in jsprit?

Is jsprit a good fit for solving the set traveling salesman problem? I successfully loaded a map in Graphhopper and have identified sets of nodes.
The post Using jsprit To Route On Maps - #8 by stefan suggests that FastVehicleRoutingTransportCostsMatrix and VehicleRoutingProblem would be used for solving a regular TSP on graphhopper data at least back then. Does that still apply? I believe it should be possible to use that for the set TSP, but I have not fully thought that through. Also there might be a more straightforward way to to solve it in jsprit. Thanks for any advice and pointers in the right direction!

Hiya, I think the project has been merged into the graphhopper-core. I think this requires an APIKEY. I’m no expert on it though.
So if you are developing you can still use jsprit with graphhopper providing the cost matrix.

I’m currently working through optimizing the cost matrix for my application before looking at jsprit.

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