Url parameters of the GraphHopper maps app

Since I have been told that the url parameters are not documented yet, maybe someone knows if one can add description to a point - (like in the BING maps sample I attached) - so it will be displayed in the left coordinates pane

BING maps with POI description

also - any other URL parameters you know - will be of great help

thank you

Do you want to enter location names rather than coordinates? That is actually possible. The point parameters can be coordinates or names. For example this works:


thanks … I meant search by coordinates. always. In bing maps you can provide “description” to each coordinate. see the BING maps link:

the pos parameter includes coordinates for the search and a “description” (after the underscore…) very helpful

any chance for documentation somewhere ?

thanks again !!!

Can you explain this in more detail? What are you trying to achieve with the ‘description’? Or do you mean after entering a coordinate (or moving the marker on the map) a description for this coordinate should be shown (geocoding)?

There soon will be a blog post that will explain some of the features of the new maps app.

sure I will explain.

I plan a trip.
There is a great waterfall in - 36.98811,21.85565

I go from Kalamata,Greece and plan to visit this waterfall on the road to other locations
pls see the link:

sample trip - see point number 1

on the displayed map we can see only coordinates. no idea what is point 1 / point 2 etc.

but look at BING maps with same trip
BING. pls see point B - how clear is it to see the description Polylimnio Waterfall - on the left pane and on the map

and it all comes from the url itself. after the pos.36.98811_2185565 there is another underscore with a free description.
It make the displayed map meaningful.

the idea behind it is to enable a simple user to generate meaningful map without any programming.
directly from the url.

I add another link to clarify better what I mean.
Please have a look at this link:
Another Sample for very meaningful map display

I hope I explained well and will be happy to help more

thank you very much

Ok so we’d have to run reverse geocoding to find a textual description for the different query points. I opened this issue https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper-maps/issues/270, but probably this won’t be implemented as it is a rather special request and out of scope for GraphHopper maps.

Btw if you enter the location names yourself, they will at least be added to the url

There is a tutorial now: The New GraphHopper Maps

hi - i have started to enjoy your
Sample url with descriptions

Questions please:

  1. Can we specify in the url - the color of the next leg?
  2. Is it possible to remove the Elavation pane at the bottom of the displayed map.
  3. Is there any place we can ask for new features?

thanks for your help !!!

Hi - any help will be appreciated.

1 - I am trying to display route from my location to specific coordinates.
how can I specify Current Location in the url ? I do not know my Current Location coordinates - and I noticed that when I specify Current Location in the directions window, GraphHopper translates it to this url:
Current Location

In Google Maps you can have url like this - (My%20Location without coordinates)

anything like this in GH url (Current Location without coordinates) ?

2 - how can I display a map without the window of elevation at the bottom of the screen?
just the map

thank you !!!

  1. Can we specify in the url - the color of the next leg?


  1. Is it possible to remove the Elavation pane at the bottom of the displayed map.

This is currently not possible but it is automatically closed if the window is small enough.

  1. Is there any place we can ask for new features?

Yes, asking is always possible here :slight_smile: Issues · graphhopper/graphhopper-maps · GitHub

how can I specify Current Location in the url ?

This is not possible via the URL but an interesting feature. You can only request the current location inside the input element of the application. You can leave the input empty:


thank you !!!