Travel time is incorrect with

I’m getting travel time that is 33% greater than on the Graphhopper production API than on a server.

I’ve read the thread Travel Time Discrepancies
It seems that the production API “applied some other data and number crunching”. How can I get a more accurate reading that is similar to the production API?

The actual travel time between these two points is about 2 hours. Traffic almost never matters and speed is usually the posted speed limit.
Here is the output of both:
TRAVEL TIME: 10,040 seconds ( 2 hours 47 min)

Graphhopper API,-101.29229&point=48.197734,-103.626368&vehicle=car&locale=en&points_encoded=false&key=0dc4f299-a491-452f-97e0-515c296c9453
TRAVEL TIME: 7,532 seconds (2 hours 5 min)

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