Travel Time Discrepancies


I successfully installed and got a server running on http://localhost:8989/. However, when testing against, travel times for car(fastest) are off, even using similar configurations (I think).
For example: for these two points:
A 52.5712512, -0.2546925
B 52.5893364, -0.1956028
online I get a route with estimated travel time of 11 minutes. Locally, I get the SAME route, but with a travel time of 7 minutes only.

Any ideas what might be wrong?

This is kind of expected. We applied some other data and number crunching for the GraphHopper Directions API which improves the purely algorithmic-based heuristic of the routing engine.

Note, that we’ll indirectly introduce further discrepancies once we introduce historic traffic data. See the related issue of the Directions API here: Improved Feature: Better ETA values

That explains. So if I need more precise travel time calculations, the open source routing library is not the most indicated?

Well you can tweak it and if you want just inner city stuff or just outer city this can get you already relative far. But getting good predictions world wide just with the information of street properties (and not even that in several areas of the world) is really hard :slight_smile: