Tool for analyzing created graph

As of playing around with complex turn restrictions I wanted to know if there is a functionality to view a graph in a table structure as referenced in the In the graph-cache it’s all binary.

I want to create a server based on graphhopper/test_simple_turncosts.osm.xml but somehow I can’t access all nodes (Cannot find point 1: 0.0,-1.0) and want to dig deeper.

Try the BaseGraph#debugPrint method I just added, or if it does not do what you need write some code that does something similar.

What were you trying to do?

Thanks for adding this functionality! That was realy quick.

I need to work myself into turn restrictions and wanted to understand the test_simple_turncosts example.

So my graph looks like this:

and it throws an error when routing via new GHRequest(0, 0, 0, -1) despite the node seems to be there

Well these coordinates probably are too unrealistic. I guess they work for the turn cost example, but otherwise they are way too far apart. Maybe just divide all the lat/lon values by a factor of 100 or so and see if that makes a difference?

I just saw in graphhopper/ that you are using 0.49 instead of 0.5.

So the call works with new GHRequest(0, 0, 0, -0.99)

Thank you anyway for the debugPrint!

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