Still having problems with pedestrian street

In this issue I mentioned problems with a pedestrian street.

I tried to fix it but still have problems.

I can’t figure out what I am missing.

Example showing that Graphhopper Maps does not use the road either:æstved%2C%20Denmark&point=Hjultorv%2C%204700%2C%20Næstved%2C%20Denmark&locale=da&vehicle=car&weighting=fastest&elevation=true&layer=Omniscale

Hmmh, it could be that we do not allow cars on highway=pedestrian probably regardless of vehicle=yes etc. But if that is the reality then we need to make it working, somehow :slight_smile:

Here is the line which returns “no access”:

Maybe we just need to move the getFirstPrio call a bit early, but unit test (failings) will guide you :wink:

BTW: thanks for opening this issue again, I’ve now disabled auto closing of topics here, which is too often not nice.

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