Access addresses on pedestrian streets with access=permissive and vehicle=yes

I am trying to calculate a route from “hjultorv, næstved, Denmark”, which is tagged with “access:permissive” and “vehicle:yes”.

But when I try make the route, it does not use the road.
Check outæstved%2C%20Denmark&point=Bøgevej%2C%204683%2C%20Rønnede%2C%20Denmark&locale=da&vehicle=car&weighting=fastest&elevation=true&layer=Omniscale

In reality, driving down that road is legal(although with a low speed limit).

I am wondering if the road is wrongly tagged? But how should it be tagged then?

Do you have an link to the precise way you mean?

Oh. Yes, of course:

Sorry. I see the problem now.

It is the surrounding roads that need access tags. This leaves no way out as the road I referred to before is a oneway street leading to these roads lacking tags. :frowning:

Im sorry for disturbing you with this!

No problem. For such investigations I’m always thankful as they can be (very) time consuming.

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