Setup for Flexible / Configurable Weighting Update

I would really like to test the new flexible feature (Flexible / Configurable Weighting Update), but I’m struggling to get it to work.

What do I need to do, to enable it?

I’ve setup graphhopper according to the quick start guide (master branche)

Graphhopper is running, but no flex input field on the left side in the UI

I can do POST request, but setting parameters like max_speed doesn’t have any effect on the result.

So I am obviously missing something. Help would be really appreciated.

Did you checkout the special feature branch issue_1776? (It is not yet in master, hopefully it will before 1.0 release)

If you have done this, then you need to rebuild the jar (mvn clean)

I knew it was something stupid. Sorry, should have noticed that. Thanks a lot.

I’ve got it working now. I can make POST requests, save a profile as .yml and use that profile to do GET request with weighting=custom_NAME and ch.disable=true.

What do I need to do, to enable the profiles for CH preparation?

Tested with and, but I’m only getting “Not a valid name for a Weighting:”


Did you try lower case characters e.g. custom_truck? See CustomWeightingRouteResourceTest.

Please note that this will be likely changed before the release.

It’s a naming issue.

I named the file car_100.yml initially. No problem with non ch requests with custom_car_100, but apparently ch preparation doesn’t work with underscores or numbers in the file name. Changed it to carhundred.yml and everything is working now.

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