Needed Configurations and Request for public transit (open source routing)


im trying to find any information about the needed configuration for a self hosted graphhopper instance with public transport. Actually i just want to know if i need an extra profile for public transit. According to this example config i dont, but the way i read this api doc, i do, at least as far as i understand it.
Maybe someone can me tell if this is still up to date and works as described.
I really like Graphhopper and most of the documentation, but I feel that it falls a bit short in some respects when it comes to public transport.

Best regards and thanks in advance.

Maybe my topic can help? GTFS Quickstart results in error - #9 by centiveo

I also had some issues (misunderstandings) about the public transport profile.

so i dont need to configure a public transit (pt) profile and instead just “define” it via the request? thx for your help ^^

Yes, you can just use the configuration from the example (no pt profile), but use route queries with the profile=pt parameter regardless. Basically public transport uses the same parameter name (profile=pt) for the routing request, but isn’t really related to the ‘profiles’ that are configured in config.yml.

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