Localhost:8989 does not return the same times as https://graphhopper.com/maps/

Hi!. I have graphhopper 4.0 downloaded. I generate a route from point A to point B on localhost:8989 but the travel time is not the same as what I see on the Driving Directions - GraphHopper Maps page. What would I have to configure to see identical results?
The time obtained from the graphhoper page is 29 minutes, which is more real, while what is returned by localhost:8989 is 23 minutes.
Thank you

This has been asked a few times before, see e.g. here: https://discuss.graphhopper.com/t/difference-between-open-source-car-and-graphhopper-maps-car/3379

Btw it might help if you could share the route you are referring to.

The first image belongs to localhost:8989 where I use the default graphhopper configuration.

the second image is from the graphhopper map, where the travel time is 5 minutes more. Why is this?
I read that graphhopper uses traffic information, could this be the cause?
Excuse me, I’m starting to use graphhopper.

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