Jsprit cannot identify two shipments serviced for the same client?

When I was playing with TransportOfDisabledPeople in jsprit-examples, I found that jsprit cannot identify two shipments serviced for the same client. As a result, the vehicle may do all of the pickups first then do deliveries.

For example, Shipment_1 and Shipment_2 are all about client_1.
Shipment_1: pick up client_1 from location_A, and then delivery to location_a in the morning.
Shipment_2: pick up client_1 from location_B, and then delivery to location_b in the afternoon.

This result may occur: the vehicle does the pickup of Shipment_1 and pickup of Shipment_2 first, then it does the deliveries. Obviously it does not make sense.

What should I do if I would like to tackle this problem? If I was wrong or had any misunderstanding, feel free to correct me. Thanks.

currently you will need a hard activity constraint to force the pickup of Shipment_2 to be inserted after the delivery of Shipment_1.

meanwhile, there is a job refactoring going on and it will be merged in the future. after it is merged, the whole movement of client_1 will be one job instead of two shipments and you will not need the aforementioned constraint.