Install custom flag encoder for

I use ./graphhopper web berlin.osm.pbf to start a local graphhopper web server. I want to use a custom flag encoder, which I created and called What are the steps to get graphhopper to recognize the line graph.flag_encoders: horse in the config.yml?

You have to create your own FlagEncoderFactory that could extend from DefaultFlagEncoderFactory. Then set this in the GraphHopper class. General docs for a new flag encoder are here:

Ok, and to implement the avoidance of highways by tag value (e.g. avoid highway=motorway) I guess I would have to follow the example of the bike encoder, which has a field avoidHighwayTags. That is, I would need methods handleWayTags -> handlePriority -> collect and the weightToPrioMap?

EDIT: In other words, I would have to implement my own priorityWayEncoder, right?

It is easier to have a look into the removed AvoidWeighting of this PR:

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I was wondering whether overriding getAccess(ReaderWay way) and using

if (avoidHighwayTags.contains(highwayValue)) {
			return EncodingManager.Access.CAN_SKIP;

wouldn’t also do the trick…

EDIT: not sure what CAN_SKIP does, but looks like the routing engine will avoid those highways types altogether…

It’ll be good there is a good tutorial. I have no choice. I am looking into the source codes to add new profile.