Electric Vehicle Route Planning

Hey folks!

Has there ever been an approach of using the engine for ev-route-planning? If so, are there any results or repositories? Else I would like to collect some approaches with you, to see if it is even possible or what is missing currently.

This topic is open to discussion for everyone, feel free to send some ideas :slight_smile:


Iā€™m still on the lookout for some routing techniques the plots routes of coordinates and returning to same origin using R.
Let me know if you find

@Anyaoha please avoid hijacking topics so often, otherwise we may restrict access. Just create a topic, wait for an answer and if nobody replies try to reformulate your problem, give some hints what you tried and where you failed and try again after a week.

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Maybe you should try https://www.makemydayapp.com/. Its an app helping you to create the optimal route for your daily trips. You can include all the stops you have to make during the day and the app will find the most efficient way for you to avoid long charging times, reaching every destination on time without draining the battery etc.

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