Connection between locations not found

I notice that sometimes requests do not get filled on the localhost server:


“message”: “Connection between locations not found”

However, they do get filled on the online server

“distance”: 42654.361,

I cannot really see why - this is a route within France and I have setup my local server with france-latest.osm.pbf which is presumably what uses? This is the with the latest “graphhopper-web-0.6.0-bin”.

Thanks! Ilia

See e.g. 0.5.0: Connection between locations not found

Oh I see, thank you. So the online router processes the maps in a different way to the offline one?

The Directions API uses different options than the default configurations, yes. Like in many cases (also in this?) the data needs an improvement. See here where the destination might get stuck in this subnetwork which should not be one (?)

update: I’ve fixed the underlying data i.e. made the oneway road fully connected. So re-download and the same route will succeed. So the reason that our defaults do not remove such subnetworks is to improve the data for routing.

This is interesting. I ran a small test on 20,000 locations using OSRM, Graph Hopper and Google Maps. The failures (count):

Graphhoper - 109
OSRM - 2
Google - 0

However, Google have their own map source so we can’t really compare. OSRM snaps to anything from anything so I guess for those locations it snapped to the closest road.

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