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0.5.0: Connection between locations not found


I have an issue which I cannot reproduce on

I have a specific coordinate from which I am unable to get any directions from. The error is always “Connection between locations not found”. Other locations in the area is no problem.

It is specifically this location:

It tried finding the nearest node via locationindex, but t is a oneway street in the wrong direction:

But it is working on (using another way out)

Can anyone help me to figure out how to make Graphhopper that?

JDK 8, Graphhopper 0.5.0, Mac OS X

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Connection between locations not found
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“Connection between locations not found”

Link to Graphhopper Maps showing the correct way out:


You can try to play with the settings “prepare.minOnewayNetworkSize=200” or decrease “prepare.minNetworkSize”, this way the router does not get stuck in an (oneway) island. See also discussion here


Awesome. I’ll try that later today.



After checking it out via street view, it turns out that the data is wrong. The road is blind, not one way. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the help. It is appreciated.