Wrong route through the API

Hello, I have a problem with a distance between points (-12.063054,-77.096364) and (-12.055206,-77.102995). If I calculate the distancein the web I get 2.54km. However, the same call through the API gives me a distance of 4.463651km. Any hint on this? Thank you.

GraphHopper Maps is using the GraphHopper Directions API under the hood, so there is no difference. If you set up your own routing engine you can open the UI at http://localhost:8989/maps/ to see the differences

Thank you karusell. You are right, I was using my own engine and here is the result.

The result shows me a longer route.

What do you think is happening? How can I fix my routing engine ? Thank you in advance.

Try the latest data. btw: the map tiles can be changed via the top right corner

Thank you karusell.

I am a begginer. So, to work with the latest data, should I update it by maven, right?

In that case, should I update only Graphhopper core or any other service ?

A related question, this is a problem with the latest data of graphhopper or should I update also my OSR tiles ?

Thank you in advance