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Wrong route calculated at the Oberalp pass


I have a route calculting problem, that is to say: GraphHopper is offering a wrong route between to specific points.

When i want to calculate a route from 46.63746,8.60062 to 46.66015,8.71820, which is the Oberalp pass in Switzerland, GraphHopper is coming up with a wrong result. Have a look at the first image.

I have added another image which offers the proper route (calculated using Google Maps).

Somewhere on the road there is a point that cannot be taken into account, when a route is calculated, and I don’t understand why.!

Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can do make GraphHopper to come up with the proper results? Or is it a GraphHopper problem?


And here is the other image.


When I enter this in GH Maps:

then it seems correct. Maybe the underlying OSM data was fixed already? Or can you provide the incorrect link?


Thanks for your reply.
I guess it must be something that I am doing wrong. I will dig a bit deeper into it.