Work-around to using both "heading" and "curbside"?

For example, if we are directing a vehicle to a parking lot while it is on the road, we can’t safely use “curbside” to determine the direction of the “start” value (since the GPS coordinate is imprecise, so the system might mistaken which lane we’re in). As a result, “heading” would be optimal here.

However, it would be ideal if we didn’t have to manually calculate the heading for the parking lot we are approaching. And instead, we could just use “curbside=right”. (Since this requires us to know the heading of the road, which is complicated).

Right now, this isn’t possible. But this feels like a pretty common use-case. I was wondering if there are any known work-arounds for this?

I see this would be useful, and there shouldn’t be a real reason to not allow this. I opened an issue here