Why is multiply_by at a custom model limited to 1

Hi there,

We currently use the “racingbike” profile at our self hosted graphhopper routing api. It works great, however we see that the when the route visits a trunk road it really wants to find alternatives that are non-logical (i.e: parking lots GraphHopper Maps | Route Planner)

That is why we want to customize the priority/speed for trunk roads. However it looks like the “multiply_by” statement is limited to 1, so you can’t increase the priority.

Is it correct that it’s not possible to increase the priority/speed with a custom model? If yes, how should we fix our problem?

Thanks in advance!

This is only correct for client-side custom models that use the LM speed up algorithm. For pure A* or server-side custom models this should still work.

But even if you use the LM speed up algorithm you can usually negate the condition and use a factor lower than 1.

In general it would be great if these issues are fixed by the default racingbike profile. You could try to e.g. slightly increase the distance_influence.