Whitespace issue in Graphhopper with Intellij

Anybody else experiencing annoying whitespace reformatting in Intellij in the Graphhopper routing project ?
For example in
hitting Ctrl+Alt+L removes several whitespaces in the license header (at the end of non-empty lines and at the beginning of empty lines), see attached screenshot. This happens in basically every file that has the license header and I never had this issue before. I am (hopefully) using all default settings, but have recently upgraded to 2017.3.1.
Any ideas ?

I think it was mentioned by @boldtrn in PR #1235?

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Yeah, as @devemux86 says this is likely a bug in recent IntelliJ :confused:

Ok thanks! It is no problem in 2017.2.6

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Yes, I ended up going back to IntelliJ 2017.2.X, I could find no setting to disable this behavior.