Where is the source for graphhopper-navigation-android-ui?

The graphhopper-navigation-example app lists com.graphhopper:graphhopper-navigation-android-ui:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT as a dependency.
What I can find is libandroid-navigation-ui inside the graphhopper-navigation-android repo on github. It seems to have the right classes in it. In the maven branch, it identifies itself as com.graphhopper:graphhopper-navigation-libandroid-ui:0.20.0-SNAPSHOT (note the slightly different name). When I try to use it, I get resource linking errors.

Where can I get the right version? Or should I update to the latter version and try to resolve the errors?

(background: I want to debug into that package and I maybe want to change the way the activity is called, so the source would be of great help.)