What the mean FleetSize Finite\Infinite again


I have a question regarding the FleetSize parameter mentioned before (What the mean FleetSize Finite\Infinite) .
I just wonder about the reason for the lack of convergence of solutions if only one parameter is changed - FleetSize.

Take a look at describtion of my code in steps:

I was built a problem using “VehicleRoutingProblem” , then size of the fleet was set. In the next step a VehicleRoutingTransportCostsMatrix was added.
Next, a vehicle and the location of the vehicle start was created. The vehicle was implemented in the following way:

VehicleTypeImpl.Builder.newInstance (id_dm) .setProfile (profiles)
.setCostPerWaitingTime (cost) .addCapacityDimension (0, cap_dim1) .addCapacityDimension (1, cap_dim2) .setCostPerDistance (cost_per_d)
.setCostPerServiceTime (cost_per_serv) .setCostPerTransportTime (cost_per_serv_time) .setDimensions (max_len, max_wid, max_hi) .build ();

Tasks and time windows code:

Service.Builder gas = Service.Builder.newInstance (id_za) .setName (id_za);

gaz.addSizeDimension (0, sum_size1) .addSizeDimension (1, sum_size2) .setLocation (location) .setServiceTime (serv_time);
gaz.addTimeWindow (TimeWindow.newInstance (p1, p2));

One HardActivityConstraint was included.

I just run the above steps twice: for the Finite and Infinite parameters.
Can anyone explain to me why results are so different?
Does the Infinite parameter disable restrictions?

because the underlying vehicle fleet managers are different.

you can check VehicleFleetManagerImpl for finite fleet and InfiniteVehicles for infinite fleet.