What makes the difference between osrm and graphhopper?

There is a different routing result between osrm and graphhopper about same path.


There is a drain not to crossover by walk between the last destination and the the stopped place which was suggested by graphhopper routing engine. But osrm engine was guided to the last destination rightly.

It seems that the destination is only reachable via going through some private roads.

We currently think about instead of excluding them from the available road network we could include them and give kind of a warning that private roads are used.

I am sorry I don’t understand the meaning of some private roads.

A private road is a road owned and maintained by a private individual, organization, or company rather than by a government

Thank for your kind answer. I found one part of the entry roads to the last destination is set to the private road. So I removed the private, I’ll recheck the routing path 1 or 2 days later.

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