Web Server Does not Load for 0.10 SNAPSHOT

I was using 0.10 SNAPSHOT in January 2018 in Windows 10 and the web server was launching and working fine.

Now I am trying to execute the same code in macOS 10.15, the web server is not launching and I am getting the following output on executing ./graphhopper.sh -a web -i europe_germany_berlin.pbf

using maven at /usr/local/Cellar/maven/3.6.2/libexec
now -a. JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx2g -Xms2g

Then the program terminates.

I also checked out a fresh copy of 0.10 SNAPSHOT and I am having the same problem.
But when I checked out 0.13 SNAPSHOT, the web server is launching perfectly (as previously in January 2018 when I was using 0.10 SNAPSHOT).

Is there any change in 0.10 version and how can I execute my old version?

Many thanks in advance.

If you use the graphhopper.sh script, make sure you switch to the current stable git branch (0.13). Any other version is not supported.

Thank you very much for the update.
But is there any way by any means so that I could execute the graphhopper.sh script of 0.10-SNAPSHOT?
Previously (in January 2018), it was executing fine but now the same script does not execute.

Thank you very much.