Way guide in android studio using Graphhopper

I’m trying to write a simple navigation application in android for a small area, my application is offline and i has been used mapsforge to display maps…
Well my App set the user’s location on the map and set the destination wants to be up for it, which I want to do now is set the path from the user’s location to the destination site and then do audio guidance led to the desired place, for example, turn right, turn left, stay forward…etc
So what the appropriate thing for me to use it in Graphhopper and with what i should start?

any help please and thank you

GraphHopper Android sample has everything regarding the map (via Mapsforge), the routing between points, overlay the route, get its data, etc.

Additional features like directions or voice (e.g. Google text-to-speech) need external implementation.

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heloo im a student that trying to implement graphhopper route dispatching on my app, do u have a tutorial of it?

Please avoid posting to existing and very old topics. Instead create a new one and include details of what you tried and where you are stuck to increase the chance that someone can help :slight_smile: