Walkthrough Algorithm


I did not use JSprit since a while but Ii seems that the “Walkthrough Constraints” and “Walkthrough Algorithm” pages of the documentation are not accessible anymore, is it true?
Is there some doc concerning the algorithm somewhere?



Yes, looks like the docs needs an update, also e.g. this one is outdated: https://github.com/graphhopper/jsprit/wiki/Getting-Started

@stefan as you confirmed ‘walkthrough’ here https://github.com/graphhopper/jsprit/issues/267 where is the link in the wiki?

“Walkthrough” was out-of-date. Since I do not have time to update it, I decided to remove it for now.
“Getting Started” is in line with the latest release. Once I release v1.7, I ll update it.

For the GraphHopper routing engine I have decided to put the docs in the repository. Of course you then still have the work to update the docs but you can point users to the latest master docs or older ones and already update the docs even if a new version is not yet released. See the two links here

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Ah ok. Interesting. Can you add the link for “here” :wink:

Sorry, done. That is a nasty discourse bug that they do not seem to reproduce/fix/…