VRP for truck with several swap bodies

Hey everybody,

I am currently trying to solve a fleet deployment optimization. Put simply, a truck should be able to carry different swap bodies. These are intended for specific purposes and have to be delivered to certain points at certain times. Afterwards the truck drives to the next swap body and delivers it again to the destination etc.
Is it possible to model this combination of a truck and different swap bodies in jsprit? I am still very new to jsprit.
In the next step I would like to model several x trucks and y swap bodies (with y>>x).
I hope that you can give me some first tips for this or tell me directly that this is not possible with jsprit.
Many thanks to you in advance.

Best regards
cu2020 :slight_smile:

PS: This topic (Using jsprit to solve VRP with trailers) from 2017 has helped a bit, but I wonder if there is a more convenient solution in the meanwhile…