Vehicle Scheduling and VRP

Does Jsprit support vehicle scheduling ? Number of available docks influence number of vehicles that can be loaded at same time. This has a direct impact on pickup time window of shipment.

Other option would be to run scheduling algorithm after getting solution from JSprit. However this approach might potentially break time window constraints.

Any suggestions ?


Hi amit

Without having thought about too much detail it strikes me that a hard activity constraint could be used that looks at the scheduled arrive time at the dock and maintains a list of dock/time/vehicle counts and rejects the job if the dock overflows.


Thank you Grant.

I am not sure if approach based on hard constraint would work here.

Imagine a single pickup and multi delivery scenario having 10 delivery locations and all shipments have same pickup window. Let’s say, heuristics recommends 5 routes(2 deliveries per route).

Let’s assume that it takes 1 hour to load a vehicle and there are only 2 bays(only 2 vehicles can be loaded at a time). In this scenario, we need a mechanism to dynamically shift pickup time windows of shipments belonging other 3 routes(without breaking delivery time window constraints). I don’t think, we can influence pickup time windows using hard constraints.

I am now thinking about another approach. Run scheduling algorithm separately for set of available vehicles and bays. Then derive vehicle available time based on dock constraints and then use Jsprit to plan routes.