Vehicle Optimization using Fixed Cost


I am using jsprit to optimize Services using multiple vehicle types and Fixed costs. Attached is the problem and output. algo-run-3778107-49298-0.txt (97.1 KB)

There are about 60 services and 37 Vehicles with 16 Vehicle types and total of 14 routes are getting created. However, the algorithm is choosing 2 vehicles with a very high Fixed Cost(6000000) even when vehicles with much less Fixed cost(45000) are not being utilized.

First, I tried with 2000 iterations and got above output. Hence I increased the iterations to 25000 and ran the algorithm but still, algorithm gave me similar results.

I also ran this problem with vehicles having low cost, and the algorithm is able to assign all the services successfully. Attached is the output for the same. algo-run-3778022-49298-0.txt (78.7 KB)

What could be the reason that it is selecting vehicles with higher FC while all the lower FC vehicles can fulfil all the services? Can anyone suggest how we can achieve this when all the vehicles(low cost + high cost) are selected?