Validate Hard Constraints for initial solution

As far as my knowledge hard constraints are not validated for initial solution.
Is there a way to validate all the hard constraints for initial solution?

We could possibly use the Solution Acceptor to filter the initial solution after some iteration.


Could you please elaborate?

One possible use case that I’m facing is,
The problem has many complex constrains and also a baseline solution to be used as benchmark. I just want to validate that all constraints are satisfied at baseline.

I know that route level constraints can be validated given a solution, but same isn’t possible for activity level constraints.

can you explain this a bit.

I mean complex constraints.

I think SolutionAcceptor class should be implemented. Every solution which is generated by JSPRIT goes through the method of this class. Now in this class you may avoid adding the current VehicleRoutingProblemSolution to Collection of Stored solution or throw Exception or probably log it somewhere, if VehicleRoutingProblemSolution fails to satisfy constraints.