Using jsprit to solve the arc routing problem

Nice to know the jsprit project and this forum! Is it possible to use jsprit to solve the arc routing problems, such as Chinese Postman Problem and its multi-depot variant? If not, is it possible to add the new functions? I can do something to help if it is needed. Thanks!

You can just try it but I do not think it is efficient (yet) :slight_smile:

@stefan knows more

Unfortunately, you cannot solve arc routing problems efficiently. You can surely transform an arc routing problem into a node routing problem. However, if you use jsprit to solve the node routing problem then, you are likely end up with unfavourable solutions since jsprit does not care how often an arc will be traversed. This is however something you want to minimize in the arc routing problem. You can definitely use the principles of the underlying meta-heuristics. However, when it comes to inserting you are better off setting up a whole new approach.