Using GraphHopper with leaflet-routing-machine for indoor mapping

I want to use GraphHopper with leaflet-routing-machine for displaying routes on an indoor map. I know that there is a plugin called lrm-graphhopper which uses the GraphHopper Routing Engine, but how do I input my custom paths?
Is there a way to supply my GeoJSON file of all paths in my indoor map to GraphHopper?

Please point me in the right direction as I am new to this. Any example would be really helpful. Thank you.

What do you mean with ‘custom paths’? You mean your indoor map? One option might be turning your indoor map into OSM format. Another might be using your indoor map directly and write some Java code to import your custom (GeoJSON?) format (c.f. my recent comment here: Using GH with custom (non-OSM) network data - #8 by easbar)

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