Using GH with custom (non-OSM) network data

Hi, I was wondering if there are approaches / possibilities to use custom data (for instance the CTA Transportation Networks or the likes) in the GH routing engine?

Kind regards!

There are two approaches: either convert the data to the OSM format or directly import it with some custom code. See

ok… so we have:

Anything else?

There is also the pull request regarding Esri shapefiles (see the link) and the not yet mentioned very simplistic princton data reader

Did you find any solutions or code that makes this possible in the meanwhile?

I am trying to do the same!

Your insights could be very helpful.

Best regards,


(Why) can you not convert your network data to OSM format?

any updates?

I think we made some progress in simplifying the low level API that is now a bit less entangled with OSM specific stuff. You can always just create a graph, set some properties / encoded values for the different edges and use some weighting and all of GraphHopper’s algorithms to calculate shortest paths. But without any details about the specific data you have in mind it is hard to give advice.

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