Using activities in VRP

Hi Stefan

Can you explain activity_min and completion-time_min.

I have created a VRP using the following objectives:

“objectives”: [
“type”: “min”,
“value”: “vehicle”
“type”: “min”,
“value”: “activities”

I can not se the difference in between using “activity” vs “completion_time”

I have 3 vehicles, 41 deliveries = 47 stops (as each vehicle stats and ends at the depo) and set max trip time to 8 hours (28.800 seconds) and using (vehicles min and activity_min) vs (Vehicles_min and completion_time_min).

I get the same result. is that what I should expect?

I am not sure what activities means and have not been able to find any examples in the documentation.

Kind regard Bo

Also is it possible to provide a list of possible combinations of

Enum: “completion_time” “transport_time” “vehicles” “activities”

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