Use graphhopper in exiting ios-swift project

Hi, i’m try to use graphhopper for ios in existing prject.
i follow the instruction how to use it in Xcode but when im drag&drop the Translations and Libraries groups Xcoode is crashing.

Any idea how to solve it?
i also try to create the lib by build it separately (it build successfully) and drug the lib to my project, Xcode didn’t crush, but i couldn’t use the lib. it doesn’t recognise it when i try to add GraphHopper.h to my bridge file (i’m using swift)

Any idea?


Not sure why Xcode would crash. I never heard of this happening before. Maybe you can provide a screen capture or something.

One thing to consider is to use the last released version (0.8.2) when cloning the repo instead of master since master is currently unstable. E.g.:

git clone
cd graphhopper-ios/
git checkout 0.8.2
git submodule update --init

Yes im using 0.8.2.
I try that on 2 different mac.
In both, Xcode crash when i try to drag&drop the Translations and Libraries groups.
Im using Xcode Version 9.2 (9C40b)
Any idea? or different way to use graphhopper?


I try also in the xCode 9.3 beta and still crashing.
I also create a new project and try but it also crashing so the problem is not in my project.
Any one manage to do it with xCose 9.2 ?