Use all vertices of a polyline as waypoints in a routing request

Hello all and thank you in advance for any help!
I have been using Graphhopper for a while now and I have excellent experience so far both with the application and the forum.
Today I’d like to share with you a situation that causes me a lot of headache these days:

I am working on an application that users use to draw lines on a map that are snapped to the OSM network and get turn by turn directions along the snapped polyline.
The routing request that is being made upon each vertex addition or update to the polyline contains ALL of the vertices of the polyline as waypoints. This way I am making sure that all created points are present in the routing result.

The problem arises when I try to access the directions data, but since all the vertices were waypoints, the only information I receive is a bunch of REACHED_VIA instruction types.
This is a huge problem for me!

I would like to ask you guys if there is any way to change the Graphhopper code so that I could replace REACHED_VIA instruction with something custom that INCLUDES an actual direction and doesn’t just say REACHED_VIA?

I hope my post made sense and there is somebody out there who can help me with this!

Did you try the map matching functionality already?

Yes, I did try it actually but it didn’t work for my purpose unfortunately.
Let me elaborate a little bit on the context:

In the application I am building the user first imports a GPX of their own which gets map matched prior to being displayed on the map.
Then the user has the ability to manipulate the road segments on the client side using drawing tools.
Once he is done editing the segment he has the option to create a report which has to include turn by turn directions for the segment.
Now if I run map matching on a large route network, say Europe or the whole planet the process gets really slow (2-3 minutes) which is unfortunately unacceptable.
I did some tests with the route endpoint instead of map maptching and for some reason still unknown to me, it was much-much faster. The only downside of the latter approach was that for each vertex I got REACHED_VIA manouvers instead of turns etc.
I knbow this is how Graphhopper is supposed to work, but I figured if I manage to remove the part from the server side code that assigns the REACHED_VIA manouvers and replace them with normal turns that would eventually solve my problem.
I already started inspecting the code on Github, but I would really appreciate if you could provide me with some hints/suggestions on where to start with removing the reached_via assigment.

Many thanks in advance and happy Christmas!

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