URL documentation and output into file parameter

I try this sample url Sample URL

This url displays the route on map with total time/distance of 1 hour 9 min 110.1 km

1 - where can I find documentation for this url parameters (layer/point/profile etc.) ?
2 - is there any parameter that will output the url into xml or any other file with 1 hour 9 min 110.1 km information ?

thank you !!!

The GraphHopper Directions API is documented here: https://docs.graphhopper.com/ and you want to look at the /route endpoint, i.e. https://graphhopper.com/api/1/route specifically. However, the url parameters of the GraphHopper maps app you are looking at aren’t fully identical, and they aren’t documented yet, either. Using the maps UI should be almost self-explanatory, though.

To download the route from the maps app simply click the GPX button:


thank you for your reply.
the routing limit me to 5 points.
actually i do not need the routing.
I just need to know the time and distance between points. no directions. nothing.
the url in my post, display the time and distance
I just wonder how can I capture these 2 values

thanks again !!!

The routing limit depends on the package you booked. And yes for the free package it is 5 points. For more you either need to book another package or host the GH server yourself. The /route API has the calc_points=false and instructions=false parameters in case you want to skip the route or directions calculations.

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