Upgrade from custom 0.12-SNAPSHOT to 0.12


I’ve adapted the 0.12-SNAPSHOT release some time ago and added maxWeight, maxHeight, … support to the flex weighting to create custom vehicle profiles.
Now I’d like to upgrade to the official 0.12 release (or should I wait for 0.13?) without losing my changes. Do you have any suggestions or tips how to do that? What would be the fastest way?
Or did I miss that the flex model was improved already to support max weight, height, width, axe load and length?

Looking forward to your answers!

This is not yet in master.

There is one issue that comes close to this functionality: https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper/pull/1548

But it is still without all the scripting and yaml configuration support.

Creating vehicle profiles via “yaml” will probably come in the release after 0.13. Scripting support will take us longer.

Which feature do you need from the flex model branch? Do you need that vehicle profiles are configurable via yaml?

Yes I need custom vehicle profiles, defined with yaml.