Update existing graph

Hi there,

I have previously imported planet.osm.pbf into my local graphhopper which took around a week.

I would like to import the latest planet.osm.pbf file, I wonder if the import and graph building takes another week or is there a way to only import/update the differences?

Thank you

A re-import is always necessary, yes.

Are you using turn restrictions for the CH profiles? If not, then a week is a bit too long. (Probably it is still ok if you are using less then necessary RAM or the MMAP config).

Using the latest master branch you can improve this to under 1 day or 2-3 days for profiles with turn restriction support.

Thank you.

I do use Turn Restrictions and Elevated data. I am doing that on a relatively powerful server.
I will switch on Master branch and see if it helps.

Depending on which elevation data is used it could also happen that most of the time is spent on downloading this. This is usually very slow and won’t happen on subsequent runs (i.e. it is recommended to specify a cache folder for the elevation graph.elevation.cache_dir to avoid dropping this data on restarts)

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