Untranslated strings

I noticed at least the following strings in the GraphHopper Maps web app that are not translated:

  • Set as start
  • Set intermediate
  • Set as end
  • Center map here
  • Show coordinates
  • Route
  • Delete from Route
  • Marker
  • GraphHopper API offline?
  • Refresh
  • Status

Can we add new lines for them in the translation spreadsheet?

So that the day functionality is added to translate them, the translated strings are ready.

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Good idea - yes, please!

Done. I added them in the sheet.

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These strings are now used - or at least should. Please let me know if some is missing!

I confirm new translated strings are working for me. Thanks.

Updated ru strings in the spreadsheet.

PS. Please clarify how way/small_way should be translated differently: insignificant? narrow? short?


Thanks! This is now merged. And yes narrow is probably better, I’ve added the following description to the spreadsheet: something accessible only for foot or where one has to got off the bike

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