Unload & resume -- how to implement?

Hi everybody & thanks for great product!
I’m currently solving a problem of garbage collection with time windows, and need to set up jsprit so, that when a car is full, it must unload at a dump site, which is different from start point (depot), and, if time windows allow, continue it’s work until workday’s end, then unload again and return to base. I’ve succesfully set up the problem and run jsprit with nice results for “unlimited” (actually very big) capacity with time limits, but can’t figure out (couldn’t find in examples https://github.com/graphhopper/jsprit/blob/master/docs/More-Examples.md), how to make it “unload and resume” , so your help would be very, very appreciated!!

Hi VanDerGRaaf,
we have tried this with many attempts, but it was no success.
GH is very good in many problem classes of VRP , but unfortuately waste collection problems do not belong to these.
Imo the modelling missmatch ist in sum up waste for the capacity before going to the dump site to free capacity and go for futher collection until finishing in depot .
We have build maually our own solution in plain java with cheapest insert and simple opt-moves.
If you are interested ou can contact me.
Kind regards

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