Unified Rail , Road and Ferry encoder

I have managed to get the rail encoder working from the fork that was done for SNCF, many thanks. What I failed miserably to do is combine that with the standard road encoder so I dont have to run two instances. I need 16 gig just to run one for Europe so it’s expensive running two. I have also failed to add ferry ways to the rail or road encoders which I need and should surely be trivial.
I am about to offer this to the Ukrainian market as it’s surely a straightforward job for a competent Java programmer. If there’s any further work on this I would be grateful.

You also can have multiple encoders at the same time and don’t need to add them to one encoder and just run one instance of graphhopper.

My problems on this are essentially my incompetence at grasping Java principles. Adding ferries to the rail encoder , and then having the road and the rail working at once, is just do… I was just hoping for good news that i can just do this now with a user config.

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