Unable to use some functions of JSprit

I am working with JSprit project and currently studying BreakExample.java . There is import jsprit.core.problem.job.Break which is unable to resolve. According to the document, I have included all the dependencies and jar files. I am unable to understand what is left out. I am using JSprit 1.6.1 . Please help me which this issue.

upgrade to v1.6.2

check WHATS_NEW, and you will see driver break feature is released in v1.6.2

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Hey jie31best, Thank you. The issue of importing the jsprit.core.problem.job.Break is solved. But i am facing a new problem of a function being unrecognized. the function is in bold,
* get a vehicle-builder and build a vehicle located at (10,10) with type “vehicleType”
Builder vehicleBuilder = Builder.newInstance(“v1”);
vehicleBuilder.setStartLocation(Location.newInstance(10, 10));
Break myFirstBreak = (Break) Break.Builder.newInstance(“myFirstBreak”)
.setTimeWindow(TimeWindow.newInstance(10, 15)).setServiceTime(100).build();
VehicleImpl vehicle = vehicleBuilder.build();

VehicleImpl v2 = VehicleImpl.Builder.newInstance(“v2”).setStartLocation(Location.newInstance(0, 10)).setType(vehicleType)
.setBreak((Break) Break.Builder.newInstance(“mySecondBreak”).setTimeWindow(TimeWindow.newInstance(5, 10)).setServiceTime(10).build()).build();

Error is : The method setBreak(Break) is undefined for the type VehicleImpl.Builder

Please tell me how to crack it.